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Catherine and Michaels Wedding

It was….. Sunflowers and a boiling hot day for Catherine and Michaels awesome wedding day. It seems only five minutes ago when we headed down the M6 to Cheshire.

We first met the happy couple two years ago at Michaels sisters wedding and we all got on famously and it was really nice to meet the families again.

Following a church ceremony we all headed out to the amazing Motram Hall for the reception and evening party, great venue for lots of photo opportunities, but the shot of the day (for me anyway) was the avalanche of confetti that was thrown as they left the church…..

Pete :-)

Catherine and Michael's Wedding

Catherine and Michaels Wedding Blog

Here is a little preview from Catherine and Michaels wedding.

Another scorcher of a summers day.. We headed down the M6 to Cheshire again for today’s wedding. Following a ceremony at church we all made our way to the amazing Mottram Hall for the reception.

Catherines choice of flowers was awesome. Everybody was decked out in beautiful sunflowers.