Carlisle Wedding Photographer

Lisa and Jasons Wedding

I met up with these two crackpots a week before their wedding at the Inn on the Lake Hotel for their pre shoot, we had a great time wandering around the shore line, we even ended up being given free cans of Red Bull from two girls doing a promotional walk.

As is typical for the Lakes it decided to pour down with rain, but this was not going to stop them from realising the dream of holding the ceremony outside with the lake and mountains as a backdrop. So everyone grabbed and umbrella and headed out to the gazebo.

As a surprise to the families and guests Lisa and Jason had organised a lake cruise on one of the steamers, everyone just cast the rotten weather aside and had a great time.

It was then back to the hotel for the evening reception. Following the traditional first dance the place erupted into a rave, none of your usual stuff for this couple they certainly know how to party..

Thanks for letting us share your awesome wedding day :-)

Sam & Russ Family Shoot

Sam Russ Family Shoot.

This afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting up with Sam, Russ and the kids for a family photo shoot. We wandered down to Kingmore Park Nature Reserve (they are so lucky to have this right on the doorstep) The kids where awesome, laughing and smiling all the way through. You rock…

Thanks for letting me be part of your lovely family even though it was just for an hour.

Pete :-) x